In Peter Time

Peter has become fascinated all over again with his childhood videos, but this time he is watching them for different reasons. Lately he talks with me about how the characters are feeling in each show. He wonders out loud why Little Bear’s friend is scared without his parents. He asks me if I am worried too because I am a Mom. He talks me through the worrying as the story moves along.

The videos Peter is selecting he probably has memorized since preschool. When he was little he would devour a video over and over until he had figured out what he needed and then move to the next one. We watched a series of Barney videos learning how to take turns, share toys and start the idea of pretend. Once he mastered the skill, the video was done. We would go from watching it five times a day to not seeing it for weeks.

Now these videos are reappearing and he is saying, “Remember when this scared me?” And then the emotion questions start. He talks about emotions for almost entire shows. Today he was home sick and I think we talked about four shows in a row. Then he thanked me for watching his preschool videos with him and spending time with him.

I thought maybe I was the only one seeing this HUGE change. Then at one point tonight, Charlotte said, “Mom who is that talkative boy in there? It can’t be my brother could it?”

I told her, apparently it is. We both agreed it is fun to just listen.


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