All in his head

We are waiting in the car to pick Charlotte up from dance. Peter and Kit are filling in Peter’s calendar on his tablet. I can not believe how many dates he has in his head. He knows our birthdays, our anniversary date, that Thanksgiving is ALWAYS the fourth Thuraday of the month. He also unfortunately remembers what age we will all be, so his calendar says Peter’s 12th birthday. Mom’s xx birthday. When he put Charley’s in he said “Wow, your daughter is really growing up.” When he put in our anniversary he asked how many years we were married this year. Then he said, “Oh my gosh 21 years next year, you are going to turn into Grandma and Grandpa.” Sigh


2 responses

  1. He is too funny.

  2. santiago marion | Reply

    I am reading this and chuckling,, change in awareness, right! marion


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