A librarian?

We are in the processing of reorganizing some things around here. Peter and Kit decided to take on their own project of organizing Peter’s video library. Peter even wrote labels for tapes which no longer had boxes. They used masking tape and put it along the side of each tape. Just that they could get the tape to the right size amazed me.

Kit and Peter arranged the shelves and handled the whole project with no parental involvement. They also stuck with it from beginning to end without being kept on task.

When the project was done they made everyone come view the library. I must say we were impressed and could understand why they were excited.

Peter has always loved categories. When he was little he had very little language, but he would categorize family members. He knew who was Daddy’s family and who was Mommy’s family. He would play the game of naming family members longer than most other games.

He is categorizing his videos based on what channel produced each show. He also knows in what order they were created. Peter told me he watches the end of each show to see the dates of when they were “born.” He is starting to learn Roman numerals so he can figure out those dates too. He does better with those after 2000. The 1990s put an awful lot of letters across the screen.

Now Peter wants to work on organizing the larger media library in the family room. I am also glancing at the library in the living room and thinking we could keep the children busy for weeks if we give them a couple of shelves at a time.

Hopefully he will want to read as he organizes, just like we have watched quite a number of videos this week.


2 responses

  1. That is a real possiblity. He would probably love it. I know libraries are one of my favorite places.

  2. I think he would love it, even the quiet of it!

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