Bambi as Jimmy

Peter made this video about Bambi on my iPhone. I just found it today. When we first got Bambi, Peter would not even stay in the same room as her. He also used to have a difficult time pretending, so giving Bambi a different name for his movie is a BIG deal. He likes making mini-movies. I think he has a touch of Uncle Jay going on.


4 responses

  1. Good job, Peter! I love your movie about Little Jimmy and her soccer ball and hope you make more of these movies.
    Thanks, Patrice, for sharing with us 🙂

  2. | Reply

    can we link to video

  3. Peggy Liquori | Reply

    Well I think Bambi gave a great performance as Jimmy. Peter was a wonderful narrator.

  4. Hey Peter… WAY TO GO.
    You’re gonna be the next Martin Scorcese!
    (ask Mom about that)

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