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Peter’s Bird House: His Vision

Peter is in tech class this quarter. He has already built an airplane. On Friday, he came home with a bird house. Structurally it looks great, but what I love is all the detail he put into the painting of the house. I will include a few of the sides as pictures.

The top is a stormy scene. On one side, there is a picture of Woodstock, the Peanuts character. Peter even included the year of the first copyright for Woodstock. On the other side, he did a picture of the beach. He told me it was the beach we went to this past summer.

The back has Snoopy on top of his house as the Flying Ace. Peter wrote a caption and included the United Artists Syndication date there too (a new fascination of his). The panel with the door says “Happiness is a warm house.” He put a sun around the door hole.

I love how much this house shows about the way Peter thinks and what he can do. Any bird should be happy to move in to this Peanuts/Peter creation.Image


Peter’s Bird House

Peter's Bird House

Peter explained that Snoopy is Woodstock’s friend, so he had to be on a birdhouse.

The Beach Side of the Bird House

The Beach Side of the Bird House

Halloween 2012

Halloween 2012

Peter wanted to be Batman. He talked about it for weeks. When we went to get his costume they were sold out or that is what the salesman said. The costume was sold out, but the masks, belts, gloves etc. were on the wall in droves. I started talking to Peter about how we could put it all together ourselves.

By then, Peter had talked himself out of the Batman costume. He still wanted to be a hero though. He pounced on the Indiana Jones hat and whip. Peter decided he was an even cooler hero because he was just a person that did hero things.

An example of Peter being literal

An example of Peter being literal

Last year, Peter did an entire project about Henry Hudson. He was able to tell me a great deal of facts about the explorer. For his project though, he was given this picture. The directions asked him to write a paragraph, but then said to tell what is happening in the picture. Maybe Peter needed an action shot to give a paragraph.

Near the beginning

Near the beginning

When Peter was little he hated food on his face. He was the only 9 month old I knew who did not need a bib. This was the first time he enjoyed wearing his ice cream.