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Puppy Power

Last fall when we were surrounded by the debris of Superstorm Sandy we had power and much of our neighborhood did not. My three children used it as their chance to go into a full press for the puppy they have wanted for quite a long time. We have allergy issues here, but the most recent visit had the allergist say we could handle a dog on the low end of the allergy scale.

Their next hurdle was Peter. At 11, Peter still had a tremendous fear of animals. Live animals are unpredictable, have a definite scent, lick him without permission, and in general test all of Peter’s daily stresses which come with his autistic spectrum disorder. Until he thought he wanted a puppy I was pretty hesitant.

When Charlotte, now 15, is faced with a challenge she arms herself with information. She hit the Internet. Charlotte found breeds we could have safely and story after story about how having your own pet when you have an autistic spectrum disorder helps conquer that fear and many others. She could see me faltering.

Then she pulled out all the stops. She had Kit show some pictures with that little girl pleeeease expression on her face. She got Peter excited about a puppy. She found the Diary of A MomImage posts about how her daughter was terrified but now loves their dog. And then the three started showing me pictures–many, many pictures of adorable puppies.

By the third day of puppies we were filling out an adoption form application because even Peter was sighing about how cute this pup was. As it turns out, the puppy we wanted was already being adopted, but our interviewer had a puppy she was caring for that she thought would be perfect. As the email opened I knew this little dog had to be part of our family and so we began planning.

My husband Bill had to fly to Minnesota to pick up Bambi. The Christmas present would arrive a week or so after Christmas. The weather cooperated and Bill managed to get to Minnesota and back in one day with no flight issues.

Peter admired Bambi from afar. He spent weeks checking her out from one side of the family room gate while Bambi was on the other. He walked behind anyone who touched the puppy with a cannister of Lysol since his concern about dog germs rivaled Lucy Van Pelt. I knew we were making progress when I only needed one Lysol a week. 

Peter adjusted slowly. We would make him watch one show with Bambi in the family room, then hang out for a whole movie. Before I knew it, Peter was asking to have time with Bambi alone while he stretched out on the couch. He would give her treats and clean up her mistakes. I could not believe the progress.

He held her in baby steps too. First he would hold her only if there was a layer between them. Now he lets her stay on his back or lap. He walks with her too.

Peter is also conquering his storm fears because he spends storms worried about Bambi. He tells me she must hear the storms like he does and that means it is VERY loud. He holds her so she isn’t scared.

The Charlotte research was right and now you can add this blog to the proof of puppy power for the next family debating whether they can have a puppy.


Peter’s Bird House: His Vision

Peter is in tech class this quarter. He has already built an airplane. On Friday, he came home with a bird house. Structurally it looks great, but what I love is all the detail he put into the painting of the house. I will include a few of the sides as pictures.

The top is a stormy scene. On one side, there is a picture of Woodstock, the Peanuts character. Peter even included the year of the first copyright for Woodstock. On the other side, he did a picture of the beach. He told me it was the beach we went to this past summer.

The back has Snoopy on top of his house as the Flying Ace. Peter wrote a caption and included the United Artists Syndication date there too (a new fascination of his). The panel with the door says “Happiness is a warm house.” He put a sun around the door hole.

I love how much this house shows about the way Peter thinks and what he can do. Any bird should be happy to move in to this Peanuts/Peter creation.Image