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Peterism 1

The other night Peter talked with Bill and me for about 90 minutes, 90 minutes straight. At one point, I looked at Bill, who had left the room for a few minutes and said, “He has been going for about 90 minutes now.” Peter looked up and said, “Who me?” And then silence. Silence for almost 5 minutes. I said, “You know, Peter that did not mean you have to stop talking. I was enjoying talking with you.” He said, “Well, I am not done yet.” And then went on to tell me about several more television shows. Apparently, he knows when every show he has seen happened because he reads the copyright at the end. If he can’t remember, he tries to find it on YouTube or Netflix to scroll to the end. Future librarian?


Near the beginning

Near the beginning

When Peter was little he hated food on his face. He was the only 9 month old I knew who did not need a bib. This was the first time he enjoyed wearing his ice cream.